100% Cotton in fun and decorative patterns.  Good for a cooler summer time bed.

When choosing the cotton fabrics, we try our best to choose sets of prints so you can make a nice display in your store.  We love having at least one set of dog related prints and a set of fun, off-the-wall prints.  If you have any special requests or suggestions...please feel free to let me know.

American made durable denim fabrics.  Tough and comfortable like a good pair of jeans.

When we decided to add denim to our line, we wanted to choose colors that were neutral both cool tones (gray) and warm tones (brown) as well as fun colors.

100% Polyester Anti-Pill Fleece, so soft and cozy.  Available in printed and solid colors. Good for a cold fall/winter day or a pup that gets cold easily.

Our Anti-Pill fabrics is where it is at.  These are fun, cozy, thick fabrics in a variety of prints and solid colors to match any dog, cat or decor.